Dynamics NAV - Moving from AM to BE

For those of you who are around here for a while this might not be new but years ago, Navision licensing was per granule. This was a very good way of getting exactly the value for money. Youl'd simply only purchase the functionality you need and then add a bunch of users.

Because this was complex to do (as a salesperson you need to know what you are selling) Microsoft decided to move to a more simple model. They call it Business Essentials and Advanced Management.

Personaly I'd rather have a salesperson that knows what he is selling but anyway.

At this moment I am involved in a rescue project. What's new you might ask, aren't you always... Yes, but this one is different. Here the customer purchased Navision with an add-on and started implementing but never finished. Normaly when I go in customers are up and running but this one's different.


After analysing their business processes we decided that they need to purchase another add-on to handle it and write off the previous one, but that add-on only required Business Essentials. But their license was Advanced Management. For those of you who don't know, the difference is more than 1000 euro's per user. This is not only the initial investment but also annual recurring with 16%.

As I am everything but a licensing specialist I decided to trust the NAV partner (wrong!). They told me that it was not possible to go back from AM to BE. When visiting directions last week I asked this same question to Dan Brown and withing a split second the answer was, sure you can. OUCH!

So for everyone who did not know this, as I didn't, Yes you can! Stick out tongue


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