Dynamics NAV Build 29113 - Two bugs

A short while ago I informed you about an important hotfix for Navision 4.0 SP3 and 5.0 SP1.

At one of my larger customers in Germany we implemented this build. It is really working great and solves a lot of problems caused by the Dynamics cursors introduced in build 26410.

However we have managed to find two strange issues with it.

1.       Adding SQL indexes NAV forgets a filter on Sell-to Cutomer No. in a Select Statement:

We found a bug where NAV creates a wrong select statement which is missing a filter. This happens when you open the Sales History from a Customer Card (we did not check opening Sales History from a  Sales Order). Attached you will find the result from Client Monitor where you can see that Sell-to Customer No. is filtered but the select is missing the where clause.


If this happens the query is of course very slow and reading a huge amount of data.

Additionally the form 7171 Sales History does not open in foreground but is sent to the background. To the user it looks like the form was trying to open and is immediately closed again. This does only happen if the forms are in fullscreen.



2.       Contact List open/scrolling is very slow:

When you open the Contact Card and open the Contact List (F5) the form opens very slow. It is using the index “SORTING(Company Name,Company No.,Type,Name)” but SQL Server does perform a clustered table scan instead (the index exists). An Index Hint has solved that. This did not happen in 26410.

We have reported these issues to Microsoft both direct and via the local NAV partner.

I will keep you informed about the progress.


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