Directions USA 2010 | Presenting & Book Signing

Directions USA 2010 is just around the corner. From October 3rd to 6th the best Dynamics NAV conference of the year will take place for the 6th time. In San Diego this time. A sad place to be in October. Stick out tongue

For me it will be the 4th event. I missed the first and fouth edition.

I still remember my pleasant supprise when I went there the first time. The atmosphere is warm and friendly.

And this year will be extra special for me.

First of all I am very proud to be asked to open the Technical Track as the first speaker. The session title is Tools/Tricks that make Development Easier and more Organized. A title that works asks for a very interesting presentation. Especially if you ask to define "Organized". We all know that Dynamics NAV is not forcing engineers to be organised but we also know that over organising will cost flexibility. Interesting huh.

Then secondly my colleagues of Liberty Grove Software USA and Packt Publishing have arranged a Book Signing possibility and prize draws. You can win a free copy of my book.

I you have already bought my book, don't hesitate to bring it and have it signed. If you have not yet bought it and don't want to take the risk of not winning, then buy it before Directions at Amazon.

You will find that on Amazon there are four "five star" reviews of which I am very proud.

So, end of this announcement and see you in the States.


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