Classic Reports Discontinued in NAV "7" | And more

Last week at Directions EMEA, Claus Lundstrom and I had a parallel session which was a pitty because we both had interesting messaging around RDLC Reporting. Fortunately we both had a good number of attendees who got what they came for.

While my presentation was primairaly about converting Classic reports to RDLC2005, Claus told his audience about the future of reporting in NAV "7".

There are some important things to understand from Claus' session

1. Classic Reports are discontinued

  • In Dynamics NAV 2009 we had the possibility to run classic reports from the RTC. This will be no longer possible in "7". This means that it is mandatory to upgrade your reports in the next version.

2. NAV "7" uses RDLC 2008

  • NAV 2009 is currently supporting RDLC 2005 which brings along some quite important limmitations. Most important is the fact that it does not support using the dataset in the Header and Footer of the report. This causes the funny movement of data that we know from especially the document reports such as the sales invoice.
  • NAV "7" will run on RDLC 2008 that removes this limmitation. This is a huge step forward in terms of usability of RDLC in ERP documents

3. NAV "7" upgrades from both Classic AND RLDC2005

  • Reports that have been upgraded to RDLC 2005 do not have to be redesigned in RDLC 2008. NAV will provide an upgrade tool. Hopefully NAV "7" will also upgrade from classic reports with header and footer data directly to RDLC 2008 without the funny datamovement.

4. NAV "7" enables creating datasets

  • Currently the classic report sections design our dataset. This will no longer be the case in NAV "7" where we create the dataset directly using a new designer

5. NAV "7" will have better looking reports

  • Microsoft has decided to apply the Dynamics AX guides to the NAV reports to they will look better. The most frequently used reports in the standard product will be enhanced

6. We can count report usage

  • Remember this post? I discussed this with Microsoft and they agreed to ship a hotfix to make this possible out of the box! Watch my blog for the HF#.

7. Getting more curious?

  • Too bad. This is all we are allowed to blog about at the moment, or maybe already too much.

Key message?

Start exploring RDLC TODAY! And start converting those reports. There is no extra effort to redo them with NAV "7" other than maybe some simplyfication where the header and footer are concerned


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