Classic (matrix) forms in RTC (NAV 2009)

For Microsoft I have been teaching NAV 2009 upgrade classes. Last week we had a return day to exchange experiences.

One of the subjects on the discussion list was using classic reports in the new Role Tailored Client. This is something everybody loves very much.

But, we started experimeting with it.

The first idea was to use the request form to simulate old forms. And it works!! You can just use the requestform with controls in the RTC.

But it get's better!!!

When you add this code to the OnInitReport trigger


it just runs a classic form in the RTC. It works for all forms including Matrix forms. You can even call another form from that form. Only requirement is to use code, not properties.

Hopefully Microsoft wil not remove this feature. Stick out tongue



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  • Hi Mark

    Just found that trick and tried to repeat it - unfortunately it always asked for a page. Have you tried that in R2?

    Hope to hearing from you soon...

  • Former Member
    over 12 years ago

    Hi Mark

    Unfortunately, I was unable to repeat this trick. When running FORM.RUNMODAL(0, Cust) a customer list page opens (not a form). Could you please provide us more detailed instructions. For me this feature is a meter of life and death.