Back to the Future - Demodatabase Datetool

Microsoft has asked me to develop a tool to change all dates in a CRONUS database in one batch. Since a CRONUS database has about 40.000 dates it is handy to have a tool.

The project is called 'Back to the future'.

The tool is based on the SQL conversion tool but handles only and all dates.


Manual DateChange tool

The DateChange tool is designed to change ALL date fields in the database in order to apply a date formula.

NEVER, EVER implement this tool into a customer database. This tool is designed to maintain demo databases like the Microsoft Cronus system.

Keep in mind that changing the dates is a huge transaction that requires free space in the database.

A partner development license is a prerequisite. The tool also uses the IMPORTOBJECTS function in NAV2009.

Step 1.

Import the DateChange 1.00.fob file in the database and start codeunit 99991 Create Field Checking Code.


Step 2.

Compile and run codeunit 99993






Step 3.

After the execution, form 99990 Incorrect Data Values is automatically started. Here you can make manual or batch adjustments.

To make a batch adjustment, select some records and populate the DateFormula field.


When leaving the field the system asks permission to change the values


BE CAREFUL : There is no undo function!


Step 4.

After checking the values, implement the changes.


Step 5

If the date field is part of the unique key of a record, then there is a small change that the record already exists. Especially with planning and calendar entries and the Accounting Periods.


These records should be manually changed.

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