Agile all the way | Implementing Dynamics NAV... in 4 weeks

I have not blogged that much lately, nor have I been active on Mibuso or done much for the DDC.

Reason for this is a question that came end of November. I was called by someone who used to work for one of my customers. He had bought a company. This company was using several AS400 systems and even after a few weeks he realised that some of these systems was a bottleneck in the company.

So he asked me, can we replace that with Navision. I said sure and we scheduled a visit. I looked at their processes and told him we needed at least three months to implement. Go live 1st of March.

Answer: Not possible, has to be done before January 1st. Amai, that was only 4 weeks. Reason was the current maintenance contract that, for one year, was higher than the license costs of a new Navision implementation.

I did some phonecalls and found help and said yes. So I had a challenge; implementing Dynamics NAV in four weeks.

And, we managed to do it. On January 3rd the first planning was done using Dynamics NAV and the first Invoices are sent with the new system.

How we did this: Agile all the way... We dropped all the official procedures and where developing in the production database while being in production.

And I can say: Don't try this at home. I had some scary moments after making some on the fly changes and correcting data.

Since we were using an add-on that was not upgraded to the RTC I had to step back to the classic client. Man, what a difference to explain to end users. I was used to show someone the RTC and let them work.

The difference between getting used to NAV Classic anc NAV RTC for a new end user is MASSIVE! And this experince again makes me realise how important the RTC is for the future of ERP at Microsoft.

We are now in the third week of January and the processes are running as smooth as you can expect in such a short period.

Implementing Navision in four weeks was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, or at least that is what I say now.

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  • @Daniel,

    This is correct. However, in Dynamics NAV we have an issue with devevelopment systems and testdata. I will post a blog item about this soon together with Waldo.

  • Just one comment, to make sure people don't confuse this with the Agile development methodology. Agile is a methodology that produces small increments of deliverable work in short periods of time, and when doing that properly, you still separate the dev and production environments. For more information, check out the wikipedia entry, there are many good links in there:

    Developing directly in the production database, however adventurous (and I know you don't do this as a rule), does not make it 'Agile'.

  • Great Job Mark,

    Congratulation, I inspired from you even i was thinking to experiment it but now i am confident for it.

    Thanks for inspire me

  • Good job Mark, but actually 4 weeks should be enough for most implementations, as long as you can convince them to go with the standard (=no customizations).

    I remember I once talked to someone running a Navision solution center who told me that most of their implementations never took more than 1 month, but they also had the rule that no customizations was allowed for the first 3 months (except modifying invoice reports etc.). Not all standard, but standard NAV plus their own in-house "standard customization package", which included the changes they knew most of their clients had requested. After the 3 months where the client had free support, then only a small number of the clients wanted the customizations they originally requested as "critical".

    Naturally they were also targeting a single industry, which they knew very well.

    But 4 weeks including customizations is not a bad job! Smile

  • hi

    i am working in nav technical support team, i didnt had a full implementation sorry to say that i didnt understand the post in depth.

    my implementation process concept is

    - requirement analysis

    - installation,licensing

    - customizations

    - setting setup tables

    - importing old erp data

    - testing

    - Go Live!

    if there is heavy customization, it will consume time, otherwise implementation can be faster right?

    if i am wrong please correct me.



  • Congrats, Mark. Great post BTW.