Tip NAV R2 - Deleting Sales Lines from a page started from the object designer

When I was testing some of my work in the sales order today, I was really thinking that I was going mental. But rather than being frustrated, I decided to share my findings with the rest of the world. Wink

This is what happened:

I was testing an adjustment to the sales order but I changed something that required me to delete my existing sales lines. So I opened the object designer and ran Page 42. Of course it opened nicely and by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E, it changed to edit mode. But then I wanted to delete my existing line with Ctrl+Del, I got the following message:

 OK, first I thought that I didn't select the line correctly. So to be safe I selected the line again and then with a right mouse click, tried to delete the line. As a result I got the following drop down menu:


At that time I started asking a colleague how I'm suppose to delete an order line. Big Smile (Of course he laughed his pants off).

Because if you run the form from the role center as a normal user would do, you get the following options in the drop down.


It seems that when you run a page from the object designer it is run in a different way than when you run it from the Role Center.

Dynamics NAV never stops to "amaze" me Smile But if anyone got a solution or workaround for this, I would be very grateful.

Note: I only tested this in an R2 environment, so I'm not sure if SP1 also has the same problem.

Update: As mentioned by Dhan Raj Bansal below, the problem also exists in NAV 2009 SP1

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