Tip: Error "The object file cannot be used with this version of the program."

Last week I ran into the strangest error I ever encountered when using NAV. While EXPORTING an object from my NAV2009 R2 client I got the following error.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic
The object file cannot be used with this version of the program.


Ok, this is strange.. and I wouldn't be as flabbergasted as I was now if I was importing something. But this error when EXPORTING from NAV??

After searching for some time, one of my colleagues (David de Groot) asks what my problem was. I told him what I ran into an his response was equally surprising..

"Did you try to export your fob to another folder?"

Off course I answered that question with a "No"..

Well he explained that he ran into the same problem a couple of days ago. The cause of this problem is that in the folder in which I wanted export your fob file,  there was already a fob file that was exported with NAV2013. In all it's wisdom, Microsoft has decided that you can no longer export fobs of multiple versions of NAV directly to the same folder.

To our beloved Dynamics NAV development team: Of course this is a nice safety feature but PLEASE make your error messages better to understand!!! Stick out tongue

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  • If you get this while EXPORTING from NAV 2009 (rather than exporting from NAV 2013) then it has to have been changed in NAV 2009.

    And I'm not sure that I quite get why Microsoft changed this, but thank you for sharing! Smile

  • Hi Erik,

    Indeed I was exporting form NAV2009R2 (Build 33413 to be exactly) and in the folder I wanted to export my fob was allready a NAV2013 fob file. I exported to another file with a different name so I wasn't overwriting the 2013 file.

  • This problem actually doesn't occur with build version 33750, so Microsoft must have fixed it lately...

  • Thanks for sharing! Was also surprised when I ran into this error....

  • This error existed with very old versions of NAV (I am talking about V1 and V2 of NAV. After that the error did not appear anymore. But it seems that Microsoft has re-introduced this control.


    I haven't the slightest idea.

  • Have any of you seen a similar: "The backup cannot be used with this version of the program" when importing objects?

    This happens on a NAV2009R2 (36827) I want to upgrade to 2013R2. Already in the first step - importing the conversion tool - it fails with this error.

    When importing "Upgrade700701.DK.1.fob" to the 2009R2-database.

    Any ideas?



  • Thanks it worked for ma as well.

    kind regards.