[RDLC] Right alignment of texts

This is probably one of those things all experienced RDLC report developers know since day one. But since I couldn't find it when "googleing" or "binging", it is still something that can make your live a bit easier.

When right-aligning a text on a report, (i.e. a header for a decimal column) you may have noticed that when using just the label that NAV provides through your dataset as value, the words in a tekst are not properly quite aligned.

The value of your control could be:


With this as a result:

This of course is because there is still al space in the text and the report puts that before the line break.

When simply adding a little code to you value expression:

=Replace(First(Fields!AmountCaption.Value)," ",chr(10))

This will be the result:

This code can also be found in several standard NAV reports, you just need to know where to look for it.

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