NAVR2 Developer Day (Part 5) - SSRS (RDLC) Reports

This is the fifth part of the series allready. I must mention that it was quite an intense day yesterday, a lot of information was provided. I would like to thank all presentors for the clear and interesting presentations.

Next up is the information we got about the changes that will be implemented NAV 2009 R2 in the RDLC reports. We also got a glimps about what we can expect in NAV7. And we also got a rerun of old information about the RDLC Reports.

SSRS reports

-        In NAV 2009 the RDLC format is supported

-        RDLC is rendered on client

-        RDL (Report Definition Language) is rendered on server and Reporting Server is required

Reporting capabilities

-        Dynamics reports i.e. sorting and visibility toggle

-        Save reports to PDF and Excel

-        View reports with text colorization

-        Display data graphically

-        Access NAV reports from other apps

-        Drill through to pages and other reports

-        Data map

What’s new in R2

-        In NAV 2009 R2 we can now refresh the dataset without closing VS

-        Report designer cannot close if report layout is open in VS

-        Report designer cannot op a second layout if one is already open

-        Printer selections now works from RTC
-             Works from Request Page

-        New Action icons for PDF

What’s new in NAV 7

-        No more hybrid reports, either classic or RTC. Not both

-        Able to import NAV 2009 reports into NAV 7 but you cannot design or execute them (??)

-        Dataitems as in olde report designer, but with columns nested under the dataitems.

-        All fields and sourceexpr will be moved to the new report designer

-        Reports will need to be converted before being run  or designed

-        Captions from table will be used when includecaption is set to yes

-        New label designer

-        Request forms will be deleted.

Well, as you see.. not much new features in NAV 2009 R2 for reports but Microsoft dit fix some very annoying "features". Personnaly I can't wait until it's December 15th.

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