NAVR2 Developer Day (Part 1) - What's new in C/AL in Nav 2009 R2

Today I was attending the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Developer day in Zaltbommel. This is a small report of the highlights of this day. The first part will be about the new features in C/AL.

First of all C/Side will remain the develoment environment in Nav 7. End of November, a vpc will be available on PLC

Well this is just a small overview of the new features

What’s new in C/Side

·        Partner productivity
- New Platform
- Development Environment

·        Pages

·        Supporting multiple developers on a single database

·        Reporting

Page designer

Improve support for building RTC applications

New page wizard, this works almost the same as the old form wizard. You can include factboxes while in the wizard. (Page, System and Chart fact boxes are possible)

Default names improved for fact box and actions. Control numbers are not used anymore for most parts, names of the part lines is inherited from the parts itself.

Structure highligthing, containers and groups are shown in bold.


Ctrl+F12: Go-to definition, it wil open the definition of the table, page, or function that you have selected. You can open an object twice this way, this will be fixed in a new version.

Multiple developers on a single database: If you accidently overwrite code of a colleague, you have the ability on object designer to “lock” an object. Locked objects by other users will open but just “readonly” (you can edit but cannot save your changes). There is an option to force to unlock an object.  You can select multiple objects to lock/unlock. There is also an option to “auto-lock on design”.

But wait, there's more to come... next up: .Net in NAV

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