NAV2013 – Security

 As all of you that got their hands on the NAV2013 Beta noticed, a lot has changed. One of the things is that security is no longer set up in the classic client!

 On the "Tools" menu, the "Security" menu is missing! From now on the usermanagement is done in the "Administration" department, followed by "IT Adminstration" and "General". In this menu you wil find the "Users" list and "Permission Sets".

As you will notice the user card shows a lot more information in one page then the original user form did. I.e. you can instantly see what permission sets a user has been assigned to. You can also add notes and links to a user.

For now it looks like NAV is supporting the following types of users.

  • Windows Authentication
  • Username Authentication
  • NavUserPassword
  • AccessControlService

In short, Windows Authentication is equal to the Windows logins we allready new on NAV2009 and earlier versions.

"Username Authentication" and "NavUserPassword" look similar to database logins, although at this time, I wasn't able to test them.

The AccessControlService users are here to prepare Microsoft Dynamics Nav for Azure.

Not all information is available at this time, but in one of my next blogs I will try to get more in dept with the new user options.


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