NAV2013 reporting and RDP issues

A couple of weeks ago I ran into a problem with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 in combination with Remote Desktop Clients. I also found a blog describing the problem I found:

In short, when printing reports via an RDP session using a wide-screen resolution. All fonts got squished. We didn't see anything wrong while using the preview function, but when really printing the reports, everything looked distorted.

Well, as I said.. I found the blog post by Mark H I mentioned above, but I didn't quite like the possible solutions. Since one of our customers had a serious problem with this bug I contacted Microsoft.

To my surprise MS was fully aware of the problem but at the time they only had the following solutions:

  1. Use Server Side printing (using the Job Queue)
  2. Deploy a Windows Server 2012 (WS 2012 is not affected by this issue)
  3. Only print on local clients.. Crying

It may be clear to all of you that the second option is nice for new customers but personally I can imagine the reaction of existing customers when you'll propose it. ("Who is going to pay for this update?") Server side printing on the other hand is not a complete solution, because this only works for batch printing via the job queue.

The problem for the issue as my MS contact stated was actually not in NAV, but in SQL server and/or Windows 2008. This seems logical since Windows 2012 does not have this problem. They told me that they would escalate the issue to the SQL department.

 A couple of weeks passed, and I got a few updates that they were still working on the problem. Then, last Wednesday, I got an e-mail that they found a solution!! The complete description can be found in the following KB article:

At the moment we are testing the update, and until now everything looks ok on our development environment. Next test will be on our customer environment. So this looks a bit early to be very cheerful, but I didn't want to keep this possible solution to myself.

Note: Much thanks to Lars Lohndorf-Larsen, Duilio Tacconi and the MS Development team for their support!



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