NAV2013 - Convert your Beta database to the RTM

I just ran into a small 'oops' moment just now.

While the RTM version of NAV2013 is release last week, I decided to updat my client from the beta version to the RTM version.

This is what happened:

  • I uninstalled the beta client and servers/services
  • I installed the RTM client and servers/services
  • I then tried to open my 'beta"-database with the new client.

This is wher everything halted with the message that the database had to be converted. Ok, this is no problem in this case. But when I clicked 'OK', I got the error that the database could nog be converted because there were objects locked in de database. Off course this was a beginners mistake but how to correct it without uninstalling the RTM and re-installing the beta client, unlocking the objects.. etc?

If you run into this problem, this is one solution:

Open your SQL Server Management Studio and input the following query in while connected to the correct SQL instance. (Replace "Demo Database NAV (7-0)" with your own database name)

 UPDATE [Demo Database NAV (7-0)].[dbo].[Object]
   SET [Locked] =
         ,[Locked By] =
 WHERE [Locked] =

Run the query and close your SQL Server Management Studio before retrying the conversion!

It's just one of those mondays... Wink

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