NAV2013 - Bye bye forms

As most of you know, with the introduction of NAV2013, Microsoft decided to get rid of forms and dataports alltogether.

Because I developed a set of tools using forms, I wondered if there was a way around this. So I exported my set of tools from NAV2009 as a fob to import it into NAV2013.

It seems that our friends at Microsoft anticipated this as the following images will show to you.

First the fob file as opened in notepad.


Now, when you import the fob file into NAV2013, this is what the import worksheet is showing:


Conclusion: Forms are really really gone.. so back to the drawing board for your development tools...

Comment List
  • Did you also try to cheat and import them as .txt?

    This is what you get:


    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment


    'Form ...' is not an option.The existing options are:TableData, Table, Report, Codeunit, XMLport, MenuSuite, Page, Query, System, FieldNumber