Forms Transformation - Tips and Trics (2)

After the forms transformation, to get your forms shown in the RTC by using a menusuite. (I haven't got to role centers just yet) ;)

That's what I've been doing lately. First I looked up some information on the internet like Mark Brummel's' blog, which sent me to the msdn site. Well ok, when reading the "How to" it all looked quite simple to me, but after the first transformation I wasn't quite happy. All my pages were located behind a "Tasks" or "Lists" link on the various department pages.


Now, the manual says that you can set the field "IsDepartmentPage" in the menusuite transformation to indicate that the menu item is just a group heading or a link. When I unchecked the "IsDepartmentPage"-box on "Reports" (which is a menugroup), the box just got checked again when I left the record. (And since the form isn't updated, you only notice that when you select the record again or reopen the form)

It appeared that in table "177021 - MenuNode" someone thought it would be nice to put the following code in the OnModify trigger:

IF Type = MenuSuiteMgt.NodeTypeMenuGroup THEN
  IsDepartmentPage := TRUE;

So it looks like you can insert a menugroup with "IsDepartmentPage" set to FALSE. But as soon as you modify it, the field is set to TRUE.

Well, after I removed this code I changed the "Reports" group to a non-department page. As a result I got the following menusuite layout.

However, I'm still confused why the code was put in the MenuNode table. Is this a bug, a feature or is it just me? Tongue Tied

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