Your license will expire in N days

You probably all have seen this when opening the classic/development environment.

And you probably all know how to fix it.

But last time I got this, I kept having the message. Almost tore my hair out (luckily I can’t)!

I had uploaded the license and closed and reopened the development environment but the message kept coming back. When I checked the license (Tools=>License), I saw that it was the good license with an expiry date next year. What is going on?


And no, I wasn’t getting confused by the American date format. I know the European dateformat is bad. But the American is even worse. Couldn’t we all agree to the more logical format of YYYY/MM/DD (I don’t care about the separator)? After all, we write “one hundred twenty three” as 123 and not as 321 (European date format) or even worse 231 (American date format).


After checking again and again, closing development environment and stopping all NAV services on the database I was using and then restarting them, I still got that message….

So, I was thinking: it seems NAV decides to show the message BEFORE getting the license from the master-db.

But why and from where?

Hey. Wait a minute! NAV wouldn’t still take the license-file from the subdir where the finsql.exe resides? Would it?

Checking it out and I found it still did!

Someone (don’t ask me why!) had renamed the cronus.flf in the subdir and put our development license in it as fin.flf. And that license was close to the expiry date. I renamed the cronus.flf back to cronus.flf and reopened the client (just checking…). Still the message. So when opening the development environment, NAV searches first for fin.flf and then for cronus.flf. Removing them both blocks the development environment from opening (cronus.flf not found!). Doh!

Putting back the cronus.flf back fixed the problem completely.

Now, this logic was ok when the native database still existed. After all, you could open it without a database server.

For the clean team:

But now that the native database is dead, why should NAV still check if there is a license in the finsql.exe subdirectory? If there is none, just open the development environment.

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