Shadowing another users session in W2012

If a user has a problem and wants to show you their screen, there are a lot of possibilities: Skype, Team viewer, ………….

But if you are on the same server or domain, it is even easier: you can (or could…) use Remote Desktop Services Manager to do that. Add the server to it if the user’s session you want to see is on another server (same domain!) and then search the users session in the list, right click and select “Remote Control”. Define a key combo to stop seeing the session (my favourite is CTRL+Space).

BUT with Windows 2012, this is not possible anymore, so we can’t do it anymore? Yes we still can but it got more complicated. It has become a 2 step process using good old-style DOS-commands and not point-and-click.

First we need to know which is the users session ID:

Open a DOS-prompt and type this (the first if the user’s session is on the same server. The second is in case the user is on another server):

query user

query user /server:the server name

Now note down the users ID. We need it for the next step.

We will run the remote desktop connection from dos (mstsc.exe) with some different parameters.

mstsc /v:[the servername] /shadow:[the session id] /control

This will open a remote desktop session but it will NOT be a new one, but it will shadow the user’s session after the user has confirmed he wants to share his screen.


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