The Art of NAV –Dynamics NAV 2009 network Stats

Today I prepared some stats about network traffic in NAV 2009 RTC client. You can compare the results with C/Side client (classic client).


Measuring: for measuring I have used the Microsoft Network Monitor for catching the NAV communication between client and DB Server/Service tier. Than I create sum of Frame Length, TCP Payload length and count of frames for the communication for each process. The results are not exact, because there are many things I didn’t take into account (cold/warm buffers, transfers of objects into classic client, used another order for measuring etc.). It means take the stats as example, how it can look like, but not as precise bandwidth measuring. Sizes are in Bytes.



Frame total size (C/Side) Frame total size (RTC) Payload total size (C/Side) Payload total size (RTC) Frames count (C/Side) Frames count (RTC)



Client start

475 944 301 859 435 237 282 113 753 364


Start of client (Role center with data on RTC, Navigation Pane only on Classic)

Order list

387 740 253 255 356 366 237 775 581 286


Opening list (different size of window, in Classic opening first card and F5 on card)

Open order card

318 292 160 012 291 508 149 500 496 194


Opening card

Nothing to post

265 980 22 346 243 510 20 075 416 41



Closing order card

17 387 28 724 5 777 26 840 215 34


Closing form

Order confirmation preview

538 989 1 000 756 504 429 939 150 640 1 108



Open departments page

N/A 6 167 N/A 5 669 N/A 9  

Only in RTC

Adj. cost - item entries

4 453 658 51 371 3 853 774 44 075 11 108 134


Processing only

Post cost to G/L

1 910 662 3 415 814 1 599 491 3 187 554 5 749 4 190


Processing + printing

Add line on Sales Order (filled fields Item no., location, quantity, price)

1 742 217 402 336 1 605 192 375 788 2 536 487


Processing only


Form the table you can see the effect of 3-tier system. When you are processing some data, RTC is much better, because no raw data are transfered. Classic client needs to read all data to process them. But problem for RTC are Reports. When you want to print something in RTC, the client need to transfer the Flat Table structure with all the data to process them in the Reporting System Client. And this table can be big. One page with order confirmation took 1MB of data. I do not want to see some 100page report… and I am not talking about bitmaps on the report (e.g. Company logo). But because printing is not critical operation in most cases in NAV, it is OK, because critical things like data processing are 90% of whole application. When you create sum for whole data transferred for both clients, classic client transferred around 10MB and RTC only 5.5MB. Still, RTC is much better with the transfers and this difference will be much bigger in real live when you are mostly posting and sometime printing. Another difference is the Frame count. RTC is sending much less frames but they are bigger. It can lead to change in performance too. But this is question for some Network specialist.

What is you opinion? Are you happy that I created this table? Was it helpful for you?

I am waiting for your comments…

Kamil (Kine)

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