NAVTechDays memories

I am sitting in Brussels airport and I am waiting for my flight. What to do? Ok, I think that after the TechDays I cannot say „there is nothing to blog about“. Just the opening keynotes were source for many articles about different things in NAV „7“, because they were published there and I can blog about them now. Or I can blog about other great sessions which were presented during these two days. Or I can just blog about people I have met there... Ok, I try to select just few things for you now.

1st subject

First point is, that I want to say „Thank you“ to everybody, who helped to make the NAVTechDays real event. Biggest share on this have Luc, who put most effort, time and I do not know what everything else into this event. And the result was really, really GREAT event. I recommend it to all developers who can attend, to try their best and attend next TechDays, which should be in two years. I hope that the event will continue, because it is only event focused on technical things instead sales blabla.

Thanks to all presenters for their great sessions. What I saw was great. I am looking forward the recordings of the rest.

2nd subject

Now something about the opening keynotes:

Keynotes started with the history of NAV, since the first version. It was good to see all what leads to the current system and that each time the system changed, it lead to another change in the system, because new requirements. And it is good to see, that NAV is still changing, because no change means no future.

After that, people attending this keynotes saw the NAV „7“ RTC klient on the screen, and could notice there, that the menu in the client changed. There was no standard menu as we know it from NAV 2009, but everything was on the ribbon! The ribbon has a tabs as you know them from Office 2010 where all the actions were available. Thus it is much more in line with the office application now and I hope that it will help people to find what they need more quickly.

Another thing presented was the „NAV Sharepoint Framework“. It means that you can now include NAV page directly within your Sharepoint through just using special URL for any page which exists inside NAV, or you can use Sharepoint WebPart to include any NAV page as standard webpart and connect it with other parts on the page. What to use in which case depends on the context. But this is something out of scope of this article. Main point is: you do not need to do any change within NAV to be able to do that! It means, you can make NAV available for anyone within your organization, who needs something within NAV, and do not need full RTC. Very easy, straight forward, simple, quick, effective. Of course, there are some limits, but nothing is unlimited.

Of course, there were many other subjects like NAV „7“ will be 64bit, will support Unicode, etc. But you will see yourself when the recordings will be available.

3rd subject

Last subject in this blog will be something named Partner Ready Software. What does it means? It is initiative, behind which you can find names like Gary Winter, Eric Wauters, Mark Brummel. I highly recommend going through their site and reading more there. I agree with them (of course, not without exceptions). Main thing what I see today as main take away is, that they succeeded in naming different things which are used during the whole lifecycle of partner and that now it could be much easier to discuss different problems , patterns, behaviors and other things, because they could be named. What I remember from the session: atomic development, iHook (fasade), archiving etc. When you read the document, you will find out that many things you are using automatically, will be much easier to describe to your colleagues. It will be easier to share different through about different things with other people, you will be able to describe what and why you are doing. And I hope that all that will lead to better software instead just products. Thanks guys, I am happy that your visit in Prague gave you chance to start this work. I do not know if you were inspired by Czech girls, beer or something else, but it doesn’t matter, you have started great thing and I hope, that it will give us all good fruits... J

Ok, that’s all what I had on my mind. I am looking forward the recordings. In between you can look to some photos here.

Do not forget to look for info about next NAVTechDays and do not forget to be there next time!

Thank you, Luc and everyone, who helped to make this event so great!

P.S.: Article posted with few days delay, when I am sitting in my office preparing for the day.

P.P.S.: Presentations for download are here...

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  • I think the opening keynote session must have been the best opening KEYNOTE ever (even if we are not talking about NAV). To give so much (and so little) in one go is incredible :) After that I just wanted to go to all other sessions.

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