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NAV 2009 NST Management app goes Public

I made decision and the source code for my application is now public. You can freely extend/update the code through GIT tools. The project is available on this address:


I hope that this application will grow into superb tool for administering the NST services and may be not only the NSTs.

  • Hi Kine,

    Sounds interesting but I would love to hear more about what this application can do.

  • I just installed and used the app for the first time today.  After fumbling with the SC command for hours yesterday and still not being able to get Port Sharing to work...this did the job in seconds for 2 new instances.

    Great job!!!


  • Do you have updated version for NAV 2009 SP1?

  • I do not know anything what is needed to be changed.

  • Hi Kine,

    I'm using NAV2009SP1 NL but your tool is not working correctly on my stand alone system. I've downloaded it, but it seems that there is a problem in creating a web service: "NAV Webservice was not created. Return Code was 1639."

    Can you please suggest what I can do?

    Thanks a lot.


  • I am having the same issue as Hans.  I am using NAV 2009 SP1 and your utility works great for the NAV service tier but returns an error when trying to create the Web Service Tier.

    Any assistance or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

  • For those having trouble creating a WS with return code 1639. It works for me if I modifiy NSTMgt.CreateNewSW and move code split in two lines to one -- this should all be one line parameters = string.Format("\\\\{0} CREATE {1}  binpath= \"{2}Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server.exe ${3}\"  DisplayName= \"{4}\"  type= {5}  start= {6} obj= \"NT Authority\\NetworkService\" depend= HTTP/NetTcpPortSharing/MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer${7}", machineName, serviceName, _path, _name,

    Thanks for the tool.

  • When I try to execute the tool, it is giving me the error: "will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer

    rather than be handled by this dialog box.". Appreciated if any one can help me on this.

  • When I try to create a web service instance its giving me the error "will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer

    rather than be handled by this dialog box." Please help me on this.

  • If possible, run the debugger and try to find out the exception error text in he debugger.

    Are you running the tool as administrator?

  • I Confirm Tom Bond comments, download the sourcecode, open in VS2008 e put all in one line and voilá.

    thank you all