NAV Service Tier management tool for NAV 2009 R2

Today I have finished first version of my remake of the NST Management application. Now, completely done inside NAV!

I wanted to test the DotNet interop in NAV 2009 R2, and I have found, that it works, and it works without any problem! Because I already knew what I needed to do the NST management, it was easy to replicate the app from C# into C/AL. If you look at the code, it is easy! Just few lines of code to read all available SQL server, to read databases on the SQL server, to show folder selection dialog, to read and modify XML file, to run external command and wait for result, to read list of services, start and stop them etc. You can be inspired with that for your own management tools.



Usage of this tool is only on your own risk. There are no checks if you are removing default services etc. but you can add them if you want.


I hope that it will help you to adopt the new RTC with all the cool features in it, and that it will be much easier for you to maintain your infrastructure.

The objects could be downloaded here.



Admin permissions on the managed server

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