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NAV 5.0 Preview - Part 3 - Export to external application

Today I will try to show you one new cool feature of NAV 5.0 for end-users. NAV 5.0 is able to export any form into XML and using XSLT (template, stylesheet, transformation - you can name it in different ways) can be this XML transformed into another XML. And because MS Word and MS Excel is able to open documents defined in XML, you can create Word and Excel documents in this way (and for any other application).

How it is working

On the toolbar there are three new shortcuts, which can be used in any time when you have some form opened (Last three shortcuts on the picture, behind the watermark).

NAV 5.0 Toolbar

For example, when you open the G/L Account card, and you click on the first shortcut (Word), you will get the Word document with all data accessible on the G/L Account card.

NAV 5.0 G/L Account cardNAV 5.0 MS Word document with G/L Account card

In this Word document, there are all tabs from the form and all controls from these tabs. If you use the second shortcut (Excel), you will get slightly different result:

NAV 5.0 G/L Account exported to Excel

Each tab has own Sheet, but there are same data like in the MS Word. In both applications you can open the original NAV form through clicking on the title in exported document. It means that this document is still "linked" with the original and you don't need to search in NAV for the original form and record.

This was example of using defualt template, which is usable for all forms. But you can attach new templates for specific NAV form and than the user can select this template for exporting within template selection form (third shortcut). In the demo DB there are templates for Customer letter (on Customer card), Contact letter (on Contact card), Vendor letter (on Vendor card) and Sales Quote (on Sales quote card) and Sales Order Confirmation (on Sales order card).

NAV 5.0 Customer letter in MS WordNAV 5.0 Sales Order confirmation in MS Word

You can see that the result can include additional data that are not part of the form in NAV (e.g. Company name, Payment terms description etc.). It means that the result can be complex and you do not need to include all data on the form just because you need to export it.

What is behind

From designer point of view is this feature very complex. Developer needs to understand XML, XSLT and target application XML. If you want to customize this feature, you have two possibilities. You can change the functions in CU1 which are used for this export (you can change how it transforms the data, which template is selected etc.), or you can modify or create own XSLT template (you can change the result of the transformation).NAV 5.0 CU1 new functions

 In the functions, when exporting some form, the XML with description of this form is passed into function which will apply the transformation from selected XSLT template, and the result is sent into the application itself. On the screenshot of the Data XML (the XML describing the form) you can see that all controls are included with some informations. From position or size is there just the width of the control (if you change width of column on the form, the excel column in exported document will have similar width)

.NAV 5.0 Form data XML

In the example there are data from Sales order card form. There is header tab control, line subform, Info panel frame etc. This XML file than can be transformed through XSLT file. Result of this transformation can look like this:

 NAV 5.0 resulting Word XML document

On the screenshot is part of the Sales quote XSLT used to transform the XML data into MS Word XML file:

NAV 5.0 Sales quote XSLT 

In the stylesheet you can include other data from NAV into the result (Object/ResponsibilityCenter/Name, Object/CompanyInfo/Name) without being part of the source XML file describing the form. I do not know more info about that (I have no access to this new codeunit yet) but if you can include any data from NAV, this will be very cool tool for creating exports. 

After you prepared some XSLT template, you can import the template into NAV through Stylesheet setup form. You need to select the xslt file, for which application the stylesheet is prepared (which app will be launched, you can add your own), the description and if the template is for all forms or just for selected (depends on which option is selected on the setup card when you run the import).

NAV 5.0 Stylesheet setup formNAV 5.0 Stylesheet setup form

One bigges issue I have with that is, that I am not able to find any user-frendly tool for creating the stylesheet in some visual way (I am novice in XSLT and XML things...). And second thing is that the logo bitmap is part of the stylesheet and it means that you need to customize the stylesheet for each customer. And because I have no good tool  for XSLT, I do not know how I can replace the bitmap in the stylesheet...

 I hope that after documentation for NAV 5.0 is released, I will have more info to be able to create own stylesheet and to work with that like with C/AL and that customization of XSLT will be easy for me.


I do not know what will be in next part now.

 All screenshots you can find in fullsize in my library at