NAV 5.0 just for Group 1 countries?

Based on MS info the NAV 5.0 will be localized and released just for countries in Group 1. For other countries only the NAV 5.1 (including NAV 5.0) will be released!

 This is big disappointment for me, because it means that all companies in Gr2 and Gr3 will have new version one year after Gr1. This market will be one year behind others and partners will have difficulties with managing that. It will be hard to explain to customer that the version we were talking about that will be released in 2007 will be one year later. I recommend to all who are in Gr2 and Gr3 to use WW1 version for preparing their products for the next version. But yes, this means BIG OUTRAGE for all of us outside the Gr1 countries. MS wants to save money? Or it is too big job for them to localize two versions in one year? (but it is not really localization of two versions, 5.1 is still 5.0 + new client. It means, if 5.0 is localized, just few things must be localized for 5.1). Nobody knows, but it seems that this decision was made and there is no way back...Angry

 UPDATE (27.1.2007): It seems like Gr1 and part of Gr2 will be localized. On the NAV 5.0 release page are prepared links for these countries:

AT - Austria GR2B
AU - Australia GR1
BE - Belgium GR2B
CA - Canada GR1
CH - Switzerland GR2C
DE - Germany GR1
DK - Denmark GR1
ES - Spain GR1
FR - France GR1
IE - Ireland GR1
IT - Italy GR1
NL - Netherlands GR1
NO - Norway GR2A
NZ - New Zealand GR1
SE - Sweden GR2A
UK - United Kingdom GR1
US - United States GR1
we will see...