NAV 2009 Management application

Hello all,

today I am glad that I can introduce you my new application, which is focused on management of NAV 2009 service tier and WebService. In last few days I learned much about C# and managing services, reading and modifying XML files etc. Result is the application named "NAV 2009 NST Management".

What you can do with this application?

  1. Start/Stop the NAV services
  2. Create new instances of the services
  3. Configure the services (change DB server, DB name, and enable/disable debugging on them)
  4. Remove the services (excluding the default one)
  5. Do it all on remote machine (remote registry access required)

I hope that this application will help all of you who needs more instances of the services (developers etc.). The new instances are created with .NET port sharing, it means running all on same default port (you need to run the service for port sharing manually, it is disabled by default). They differs only by instance name. All is based on the example from Freddy's blog (BIG thanks to Freddy). Instances are created as running under NETWORK Services account. If needed, may be setting the account will be possible in some next version ;-).

Update: 2.2.2009 - newer version attached, with appropriate error management in situations when NST is not installed etc.

Update: 3.2.2009 - again, newer version attached, I had some chaos in files. Sorry...

Update: 17.12.2010 - newer version attached, including one bug fix

Enjoy the app, thanks for any feedback.
  • Hi Kamal,

    Tried your tool but getting an error. As I am running Dutch XP the messages are in NLD :-(

    A copy is created from the Service folder indeed, but config file is not updated with the info I entered in your tool. Next to that no new service is set up.

    b rg, Luc

  • I'm using one pc.

    No entries in event log, besides the one the service was started successful.

    Still no luck.. :(

  • CHeck, that the service tier is running correctly (check the event log for more info). D not forget that if you are using more PCs, you need to setup SPN etc.

  • Hi.

    I made a small testcase. I have created an additional Service Tier, instance name = TEST.

    So now there are 2 Srvice Tiers pressent. The one NAv installed and the one I just created.

    My RTC works fine on database A using the the default service tier.

    I've created a database B, I've corrected the appropriate settings in the CustomSettings.config file.

    <add key="DatabaseName" value="B"></add>

    <add key="ServerInstance" value="TEST"></add>

    Now I stop the default service tier and start my new one (TEST). I guess now it should be possible to log in on the other db (B) using the other service tier (test)? This is not the case, the service tier is not found.

    The net tcp port sharing service is running.

  • 1) I do not know about any change which is needed

    2) The tool is now "open source", it is published through GIT tool on github.