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Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 - C/AL colored!

Yes, it is true, NAV have syntax highlighting now! What a miracle! My live is much more bright now!

 NAV 2009 syntax highlighting

What to say? No comment... :-)

What is your comment on this?

Be redy for more NAV 2009 articles, because now, NDA over NAV 2009 is gone...


  • I'm so delighted to hear this..

    Finally some woes of NAV Developers have been heard.

    I've been using Syntax Highlighting right from my first practical C language class. Not having this in my CAL was a big draw back.

    Now there is more that one reason to watch out for NAV 2009. Bingo!! :0)

  • I wouldn't say it was a BIG drawback, not having colors in no way ever had any effect on my productivity, but it looks a little nicer this way.

  • Yes, I agree, but as I wrote - when I look at the colored code, I feel better in these days of Autumn weather... ;-)

  • uhm, i just started CTP4, and I can't find syntax highlight.. how so?

  • Are you sure that you have CTP4 (or the Marketing Beta...)? Can you post the build no. of the classic client?

  • i think block comment isn't coloured because only "//"- comments are valid comments!

  • OK, nice to see NAV is finally catching up. Does this also mean you can Ctrl-z (undo) properly?

  • Balrog: sorry, there is no change in this. Do not forget that the editor is working as record table (each line is new record) and it means when one line is "modified" it means it is permanently saved into "db" and there is no undo...