Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Tip 1

NAV 2013 is bringing many changes from technological point of view, but even from end-user view. I will try to give you few interesting tips about features, which could be very useful, but could be easily overlooked.

First tip, which is very small and hardly to find, because it is nothing “new”, with some new Action button, but rather re-worked standard functionality.

In NAV 2009 RTC nearly all users were missing possibility to Copy&Paste records. In classic client, users were used to copy records between same tables. It was not possible in RTC. Now, in NAV 2013, you are able again to do that. But on totally another level than in classic client.

NAV Copy&Paste Extended

Try this:image

  • Open MS Excel
  • Create this small table:
Item 1000
Resource LINDA
  • Create new Sales Order in NAV Win client
  • Mark the table in Excel, Copy it
  • Go into Sales order lines, Paste the rows (Ctrl+Shift+V or use the context menu)

Result? New two lines for item 1000 and resource LINDA.

Are you excited? I was too… Just imagine – you do not need Excel import, you only need page with correct columns in correct order and Excel with data. You are done. You can fill the table by just copy&paste.

Of course, data are pasted column by column, row by row. It means, column must be in same order, including non-editable fields, validation is triggered in same order as columns. But you can easily change the field order and visibility through the customization options in Win client or change the column order in excel.

Of course, you can select all rows, copy them into excel, correct the data, paste them back.

I think that this, is one from the invisible jumps which are included in NAV 2013, but are not the correct features for the “big applaus”. But I think that many consultants and end-users will be happy.

Bravo NAV team! :applaus:Thumbs up