Future of NAV Development environment

During the MiBuSo conference 2009 in Mechelen we had one presentation, where all attendees could see the future of NAV development environment, which will replace the C/Side from classic client. For others, which are not there, I have some pictures I made with my mobile (sorry for the poor quality). We will see if the presentation will be for download, than you will have high-quality screenshots... :-) I hope that you will enjoy what you will see.


Table designer example:

Table designer

All is done through common page object, it means, you can FULLY CUSTOMIZE it!








Designer home center:

Designer home center

You can notice that there are info about results of test (yes, currently in NAV 2009 SP1 will be some possibility to create testing functions and create tested solutions!), defects, projects, modules etc.









Object list:

Object list

As you know it. Including data about where used and what uses.








Object list 2 

Objects are assigned into modules, you can filter them etc…







Code editor:

Code editor

No Visual Studio! Own simple editor, to not overload users by unneeded functionality and to keep things simple.








Code editor

Editor can highlight e.g. variable you are searching for. It means easier orientation and searching in the code.








Code editor

You know it from Visual Studio… ;-) No more Symbol menu!








Code editor

Easier entering of parameters. Once again, you know it from Visual Studio. Much better entering parameters, because you know which you are entering/modifying etc.








As you can see, there are good things prepared for us. But take all what you saw as example, how it could be, not how it will be. Nothing is final yet.

But I hope that you are looking for it!

  • "well we're developers, "

    not everyone... my assumption is that there is only 20-40% real "developers" which are developing the customizations for partners. Mostly there are just "programming consultants". It means that big part of people using the developing tools are not "developers"but consultants, which are able to change the system. Do not forgot about this... :-(

  • While I am excited about having an improved editor, the part about "no visual studio" just stuns me, that is such a horrible plan (unless they plan to build an extensible framework into the new editor).  Being locked into a specialized non-extensible editor is extremely short sighted among other things it's not polite for me to say.  As to their "not overloading the user" ....well we're developers, we can handle complexity and we like extensibility.  It just seems like they are missing the whole point yet again. </End Rant>

  • cool post - i have made a trackback to you! rene

  • cool post - i have made a trackback to you!