E-Book Give away winners

Hello all,

thanks to all for the e-mails regarding the e-book give away. I made small overview of most hated/loved feature of NAV 2009 and feature of NAV “7” you are looking for most. I must say, that from the e-mail I can see, that expectation from NAV “7” are very “biased” by rumors and wrong information about what will be in NAV “7”. There are not much info released, but I highly recommend to spend some money and be on events like Directions (Directions EMEA), Convergence, or NAV TechDays. You will get much more info and you will not wait for something, what will not be in NAV “7”.

There is graph of the result:


As you can see, most loved features are WebServices, Addins, .NET Interop and new Reporting (I agree!). Most hated are Reporting and Debugger. And you are looking forward the new Debugger, Queries and web client. Based on my knowledge, if I look at the list of features you hate on NAV 2009, I must say that NAV “7” is step in correct direction in most areas.

That’s the result of my small “research” and I hope, that the winners of the e-book will hate NAV 2009 less after they read the book Veselý obličej.


The winners are:

  • Márton Nagy
  • Martinez Gonzalez Chemanel
  • Peter Rozmus


For rest of you, do not hesitate and use the Packt Dynamics Mayhem capaign to buy your copy for lower price.

I hope that I meet you e.g. on the Directions EMEA in Rome!