Docker and your disc

After long time, I saved some time to go deeper into Docker and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. During playing with docker, my c: drive went quickly out of free space (250GB SSD disc). You know, pulling the core images (around 6GB, then extracting...), few other images etc... True is, that I had around 10GB free space before I started. Ok, I was looking into the processes and watched which folders are used by docker, read few documents etc. and found this:


When pulling the image, system TEMP folder is used. Thus, if you want to give docker more space when pulling images, change the TEMP and TMP system variable (of course, it will have impact to all system processes using the temp folder, thus if you are moving from SSD disc to some slower one, it could have impact to performance):

After that, restart the PC.

After pulling, docker is extracting the images and for the result is using standard path c:\programdata\docker\ folder. This is another folder which will grow. If you want to move this folder, you need to set parameter "Graph" in the c:\programdata\docker\config\daemon.json. After that, all other folders except config will be taken from selected folder. You can stop docker, edit the file manually and start the service again, or go to the docker GUI (windows 10) - settings - Demon, switch from basic to advanced and add the new setting there. Apply, restart.

Now you can pull the images and docker will use disc of your choice.

Seems I will need another/bigger SSD disc... :-)


P.S.: Update 14.12.2017 - The "graph" config file option is deprecated. Please use "data-root" instead. - this is what I get in event log now, so, use the new setting instead...