Directions EMEA day 1

Ok, it is late and I am tired. But I will pack the day into few sentences:

  • Page preview in page designer – interactive preview of the page directly in C/SIDE, clicking on the object in the page select the corresponding line in the designer or you can open properties for the object (action/field)
  • “Find” function is back – you can again instantly search for specific data in the actual column
  • Variable filters – when filtering in the RTC, you can use “variables” like “%mycust”, which will be “expanded” to e.g. “10000|20000|300000” based on your customer selection. This replacement and expansion is handled with special codeunit in NAV, thus you can add own variables (some other default are already there like “%today”). Saving view with this variable in filter will save the filter including the variable, thus by changing the data will have effect to the saved view (each time when opening the view the variable is replaced with the values)
  • New tool to quickly setup the new company (something like RIM). Partners could add own packages, which will add new settings.
  • Cloud-RTC-debugger  -- all is working together.
  • Query and OData – new way how to get the data from NAV to outside and consume them, e.g. in PowerPivot. Query generate complex SELECT statement on SQL with possible JOINS, GROUP BY and preselected set of fields. This could be consumed through OData protocol (something like RSS feed) which could be filtered.
  • New version of NAV should be released ONCE per YEAR! – partners needs really think about this and how to keep all customers up-to-date!

And short list from Waldo’s presentation:

  • Remote Desktop Manager
  • smtp4dev (
  • Codegenius
  • Mantis bug tracker
  • iFacto Revision

Ok, going into bed. Regarding details, I think more blog articles are needed, but right now, I still do not know how deeply I can go and not hit the NDA… you need to wait for the correct time.