Country code in ENU fin.stx file is no longer W1

You know the situation: customer has W1 license (or another country license) but is using client for his "home" country. E.g. license is W1, but because Company is in Czech, they are using Czech client. Not problem until NAV 4.00SP3 Update 6. When you got error that "The country code in the license file does not correspond to the country code (XX) in the stx file", you just took the fin.stx from ENU folder and copied it into Client folder. You were done.

But not now. If you installed Update 6, you can find out that this replacement will not solve that problem. Why? The country code in the fin.stx in ENU folder is not W1 anymore if you installed localized version of NAV client. It means you still need to install the same country NAV client like the license Country code and take the fin.stx from there. Who is responsible for that??? I will try why this change was done.

The error is reisen when:

  1. You are using C/Front
  2. You import the license into client folder and run the client
  3. May be when you are using N/ODBC (I didn't test it)

Solution for all points is to take fin.stx from correct language version of client installation (same as the country of license) and copying them into the client folder. Another solution is to install same language version like license country code and just take and add the language code subfolder you want to run client in. If you do not have these files, in case of C/Front you can do small workaround: take the fin.stx, open it in Notepad, find the text string "00200-00001-002-1" and change the country code to same as in your license file. It will corrupt the fin.stx seal, but C/Front is not checking it (client will tell you that fin.stx was corrupted). But better than nothing.

 I hope that it will help you quickly solve your problems, because for me it was one additional night on customer site to solve this "little"problem.


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  • Hi,

    Tried this solution by mojacho:

    "Pls go to your program files..

    Select Nav folder, find client and search file with ext *.flf & *.stx

    Delete all files found."


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