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NAV 5.0 Preview - Part 0

Hello everybody!

 Because I received DVD with VPC image with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Beta version as part of MVP program, I will be able to give you some preview of new things in this version. I will try to show you screenshots and descriptions of cool things which are prepared for you. Please, do not hesitate and write your reaction into post comments! I want to know if you are looking for the version or not, if you will like the features or not and everything what comes to your mind during reading the articles! (in generally, I do not know why there are no reactions on all NAV blogs. It is common to comment articles on blogs, but not on NAV blogs...)

I hope, that first part, about news in C/AL code, will be ready for you today...



  • Just so everyone knows, Kamil just got permission to be the first person to make this information public, a few hours ago it was confidential, so this is all hot off the presses.

    Keep in mind that the Version 5.0 that we have is the latest, but it may not be the final version.
  • :-) It is not exactly what I got but... (I just have permission to publish that, but I need to say that it is possible just because I am an MVP)