Convergence 2006 EMEA, Part 3 updated (NAV 5.0 news)

(Updated 8.11.2007 in 19:22) 

Are you ready for news about 5.0?


There it is (the presentation will be publiced in friday, it means, at the end of week you can assume that it will be downloadablefor example on mibuso):

 1) Document links - you can link any URL to any record in NAV. You just need to click new toolbar icon (clip) and the new table form opens. There you can insert URL or add file path and description, or open the url or file entered there. That there are some links for the records is indicated in the status bar with new lable "LINK" (like "FILTER" label)

2) Export to Excel and Word - partner can prepare .xslt file and import it into the database. After that, user can select the template and export the data from the active form into the Word or Excel. There are default templates for all tables, which exports the visible data from the form. For example each tab on the form are represented with new Sheet in the excel. You can have e.g. template for order confirmation or customer letter etc...

 3) Approval - I do not know the details, but I am sure, that the Status field on the sales order have now more options like "Approval awaiting" etc. It means, that in some cases, before the order is posted, you need to send approval request. The responsible user see that request in the approval request entries, can open the document from there, check the document, can add comments to the request and accept it or reject it. Each action will create new entry for the sender, and the sender can post the document or correct it. There is setup allowing you to set the amount limit when the approval is needed per user, etc.

4) Prepaid invoice - from sales order you can post prepaid invoice, before you receive the items. You just input the percent of the prepaid invoice to the order, and post the prepaid invoice. It will create common invoice and post it. This invoice will be assigned with the item entries created by posting the order.

5) Jobs - some new support for Fixed cost jobs, item tracking, etc.

6) FEFO - first expire first out support...

7) Callback action - you can find which sales are connected to some specific purchase (for example notebooks assembled with defective batteries etc.)

8) Service fixed consumable (I can‘t remember the exact name) - you can define something like "Sales codes" on service (Service codes) - you can enter just service code on the service order and the needed parts will be inserted into the service invoice lines.

9) average per period costing method - you can calculate the average cost based on some period.

10) MapPoint integration - there is new button on the customer card (for example...) which can open the MapPoint, MapPoint server or LiveSearch. You can select if you want to see route from your company to the adress or back, from another address (customer, contact etc.) to this adress or back, or you want just the map etc.

 11) You can synchronize any table with any object in Outlook. It is not depending on ms Outlook, it is working through NAS. In outlook you can solve the possible conflicts (changes on both sides), apply filters etc. In NAV you can set which data you can sync with which objects (custom forms in Outlook are supported) and with which filter per user. It means, each user can have just the contacts, which are connected to him etc. I see int his first step to "offline work" when SalesMan can have everything what he needs in his outlook and after connecting to company infrastructure he can synchronize the data into Navision.

 12) Intercompany cost sharing - in intercompany module you can share cost between the companies. Isn't it nice? ;-) 

For more info wait till the release of the presentation.