Convergence 2006 EMEA, Part 2

I am posting this text directly from Community Lounge. We just returned from the keynotes where Bill G. show us the future of Dynamics in Live era. Part of this session was demo of Microsoft dynamics application with possibility to change reservations of items on stock on visual representation of item flow from purchase orders to sales orders. You could take some item reserved for some sales orders and transfer it to other, high priority orders etc.

 On the Microsoft Dynamics NAV boots I saw presentation of version 5.0 with the possibility to export data from NAV to Word or Excel. The templates used for the exports are defined by partners and user can just select which one will use. The export function can be restricted per table (I have not see that but...).

 That's just quick overview of what you can see if you attend the Convergence. If you are not there, may be next year will be good to be there... ;-)

And there is official blog site for this event:

 We will see, what will be included in next release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.