You Could Win Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate + MSDN

In order to drive awareness of the recent launch of Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft has given me 2 x Not for Resale (NFR) Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN subscription cards to give away.

Take a look on the Visual Studio Product Site and you’ll see that to buy one of these subscriptions will set you back a lot of money—but I’m giving them away for free!

What do you need to do?

As you know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 introduced a new feature called Control Add-ins. These are .NET controls that let you do all kinds of stuff like display customer locations using Bing Maps, display Visio diagrams, capture signatures, display charts, have spell checking, edit HTML…all within the RoleTailored client. What a lot of stuff! The thing is, you’re only really limited by your imagination – these are just some examples of controls that have already been created. What control would you create?

I’m not asking you to build one of these controls to win the prize, I just want you to think of an idea for a control add-in and write about it. Write a Word document describing your concept and include pictures (mock-ups or sketches) of how you see it working. You can use any version of Word for your submission, but don’t use other formats because if I can’t read it, you can’t win. Also all submissions must be in English and if you write in Text Speak or some strange form of English that I can’t understand, you’re chances of winning are slim. You’re submission should be around two pages in Word with a picture or two.

How do you submit your entry?

The purpose of this competition is to get people thinking about custom controls for NAV 2009 SP1 and sharing their ideas. I have created a Forum for you to upload your ideas so they are then shared with everyone. Write a forum post giving a brief outline of your idea and you should be able to attach a Word document to the forum post. The Control Add-ins Forum is here. You need to be registered on TeachMeNAV to be able to make posts. I will need to send an e-mail to you about the prize if you win, so make sure you use a real e-mail address when you register. I’ll put in a sample posting so you know what I’m looking for. I’ll be searching for your idea online so don’t bother just posting someone else’s idea or blog post.

Closing Date and Terms and Conditions

  1. I’ll leave the forum open until the end of August 2010. You must make your submission before then to be in to win.
  2. Only submissions made through the Control Add-ins Forum will be considered.
  3. I am going to pick the winners and my decision is final.
  4. The Visual Studio 2010 MSDN subscription cards are the only prizes. There is no cash alternative and if for any reason your subscription card does not work, you’ll need to sort this out with Microsoft and not with me.
  5. I’ll announce the winning entries before the end of September 2010.
  6. The competition is not open to Dynamics NAV MVPs (sorry guys but you already have an MSDN subscription, so let’s give someone else a chance).
  7. By submitting your ideas, they are shared with the world. If someone decides to build your idea, good luck to them.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, but there are some conditions and limitations surrounding the prize.

The 12-month MSDN subscription has some restrictions with it being a NFR version (technical support benefits and MSDN Magazine are not included, and all software benefits, including Microsoft Office 2010 products, are for development and test purposes only).

The subscriptions need to be registered within 180 days of when I received them (that means you have until around the end of December 2010 to register, but I won’t be responsible for you neglecting to register—if you win a prize, register it straight away).


The official Microsoft documentation about add-ins online at

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