Big thanks to David Singleton for setting up this Blog and the fantastic job the adminstrators and moderators of this site do.

I've been blogging on Dynamics NAV for a long time. Well it feels like a long time, but really I only started a little over a month ago. I found the lack of comments and readers in my blog depressing, so I figured I would try my luck here.

I have tried to set this dynamics user blog to automatically draw content from my blogspot blog. Let's see if it works.

If my posts don't automatically link across, you may be interested in a series of posts I made on the Dynamics NAV 5.0 send to application feature. I can't believe how long these took to write.

I am a Dynamics NAV consultant working in New Zealand. I have two kids and enjoy books (Tom Clancy, Lee Child and Terry Pratchett - of course.) I love IT and business applications and can't wait for the new technology that's coming.

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  • Welcome to Dynamics Blogs.

    Yes its true that on sites like Blogger, there are just so many differing blogs, that the replies are not so huge. Here of course its Dynamics Users, so you target the right audience. Still the thing about blogging is that a lot of people use RSS readers etc to read, and don't reply as often.

    What I have found is that a good way to get replies, is by creating a thread in the "Bloggers Corner Forum (http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/addpost.aspx?ForumID=74

    Dynamics User Group - Write a New Post)" and linking back to the Blog.

    Keep in mind though that Blogs are about sharing general ideas and concepts, Forums are about solving specific issues and problems.

    I will look forward to reading your Blog.