Which database are you logged in to? A bit more...

I was really inspired by Waldo’s blog posting on how to see which database you’re in. Take a look on Waldo's Blog if you haven’t seen it before. This is something that our users have been asking for since version 4.0 first did away with the old form-based menu system (something they could easily modify to show them if they were in the live or the test system.)

I really wanted to make a super-nice version of Waldo’s form but I came up short in a couple of areas. Who knows, maybe someone reading this blog will be able to offer some advice as to how to overcome the problems I found.

I'm only posting a link here, sorry for making you jump off to another site but I didn't want to have to re-do the post, but I thought readers on this forum may be interested in my thoughts. Follow this link to read my blog post on http://gaspodethewonderdog.blogspot.com/2008/05/where-am-i.html again huge thanks to Waldo for posting the solution he uses. This is really going to help our users.

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