Ridiculously Cheap E-book

This blog post is not about Dynamics NAV, so if you are only interested in Dynamics NAV. Stop reading now. Still here? Phew!

I wrote a novel. It took me ages (around two years). You can buy it if you want. I’d really like you to. It’s ridiculously cheap (99c in the amazon.com store).

So here’s the thing. I thought I’d write a blog post about some of the reasons behind why I wrote the novel, like why I think computer programmers aren’t boring geeks. Like how I wanted to create a tough-guy action hero that was also a computer programmer. But I figured I should just show you the cover, let you read the blurb and make up your own mind.

Final Cover Ebook 499 x 759

Technology to die for...

The most significant improvement to mankind since the invention of the internet, Chris Sanders knows his research will change the world and make him a very rich man.

When Chris’s beautiful research assistant is murdered, evidence suggests she and Chris were having an affair and he becomes the prime suspect. Accused of adultery and murder, Chris must turn to his wife for help in proving his innocence, but should she trust him? Will she help?

Detective Ben Naylor from Washington DC’s Metro PD finds the evidence against Chris is unequivocal. Either Chris Sanders is a calculating, cold-blooded killer, or he is the unluckiest son-of-a-*** alive.

Can Chris win the fight to prove his innocence? Can he win the battle for his life?

Coding Isis is a fast-paced techno-thriller that brings a new breed of hero to the genre.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read my novel using free Kindle reading apps, including one for your PC (and I know you have a PC). Even if you don’t want to spend 99c on my novel (and I can understand it if you don’t) you would make my day if you clicked over to the book page and added it to your wish list, because I’m told that this helps in the rankings and that helps more people see my book.

I’ve been blogging on Dynamics NAV for five years so if I’ve ever written anything you found useful, now’s your chance to say thanks by helping me promote my book. But let’s just say you don’t like my NAV blog and you really want me to stop. The best way to do that would be to buy two copies of my book and I would then become a full time novelist and never blog about NAV again. Smile

I won’t blog about novels again, because I understand that you are only following my blog because you believe it to be about Dynamics NAV, but if you are interested in my writing and would like to know about book progress, competitions, give-aways, and other stuff, you can like my author Facebook page at http://Facebook.com/DavidRoysAuthor or follow my writing blog at http://davidroys.blogspot.com.

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