NAV 2009 Web Services in Marketing Beta

It's been such a long time since I posted anything to this blog. I've made a few posts to my BlogSpot blog, but generally I've been busy with other things. I've been working hard on NAV 2009 and trying to get as deep an understanding as possible -- but I'll share more on that later on throughout the year.

The thing with NAV 2009 is it's the first really exciting thing (in my opinion) to happen in the NAV world, ever. Add to this the fact that no-one has been allowed to talk about it and you can understand the frustration from people that are just bursting to tell you all of the lovely features this product has.

You can expect a steady stream of blog posts, articles and books, etc. but I think from now on (since we can talk about it) every little problem I come across (and solve) I will be making a blog post. I can't compete with the guys in the product team that are blogging on this - since they know far more than us regular users, but what I can do is share what I learn.

I got an error message "Path property must be set before calling the Send method." a couple of times when trying to consume web services in the CTP4 release and I was not getting this previously, so I posted the solution here. It's not that difficult to figure out for yourself but for a lot of people using Visual Studio and .NET is a whole new world.

There's a lot to learn for everyone so if we all post what we find, it will be easier for everyone. NAV 2009 is an amazing product and a fantastic sign of things to come. Well done Microsoft!

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