NAV 2009 - 'A server was not found' message.

The other day I was playing around with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service that is used as part of the new three-tiered architecture of NAV 2009. I changed the credentials that the service was running under to be my own network credentials. Everything seemed to work fine and I was able to use the RoleTailored client with no problems. Then a colleague of mine tried to connect to the service using his RoleTailored client and he got the following error message:

A server was not found at "net.tcp://machinename:7046/DynamicsNAV/Service".
Either the URL is incorrect or the server is currently not available.

This is a bit weird because we knew the service was running - so we figured it must be a firewall blocking the connection. Nope. We tried using telnet to connect to the machinename:7046 and this made a connection OK. Then I remembered that I had changed the credentials, so I changed it back to use Network Service (the default credentials for the service). Hey presto it worked again!

Now my domain account is a local machine administrator and has system admin rights on the SQL Server so I was a little puzzled as to why another user could not connect when my account has access to all the resources it needs. I think the answer lies in the ability that Network Service has to impersonate a logged on user - my domain account does not have this permission and therefore fails to establish the connection. The error message could probably be a little more helpful.

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