Microsoft Dynamics NAV Stylesheet Tool

When Dynamics NAV 5.0 launched with the send to application feature, one of the main criticisms was that you needed to be a programmer to create new stylesheets.

 I tried to solve the problem using some knowledge of WordML in a series of 4 blog posts on send to application but I really came up short.

Mark Brummel said in his blog post on at TechEd 2007 that Microsoft announced a graphical tool for creating stylesheets would be released.

Today on the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Newsfeed there was a link to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Stylesheet Tool (partnersource login required.)

It looks like this is the first release of a tool - as it is not the graphical tool that was promised - but I have yet to check it out. Here is a quote from the page:

"To simplify this process, a style sheet tool has been created that does not require programming knowledge. The first version of this tool will support the export of data to Word, and this means that the only skill required to create additional style sheets is some end-user knowledge of Word.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Stylesheet Tool supports integration to Microsoft Word 2003 and Microsoft Word 2007.
It consists of a fob file and a user guide."


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