Dynamics NAV for Surface? Yeah Right!

Microsoft have recently announced a new product that seems more like science-fiction than reality; but Microsoft Surface is real and, what's more, it's built on current technologies like .NET and WPF.

The videos on Microsoft's site are pretty stunning and there is another great article and video on the Popular Mechanics site.

OK, so it's hard to imagine how this could be used in an ERP system, but you must admit that the technology is exciting. I remember seeing a video of one of Bill's keynote speeches (I think it was Convergence 2007 - if I come across it I'll post a link here) in which he showed an early version of Surface. One of the other video clips in the conference showed an example of using WPF for demand planning. The planner was able to use a graphical representation of inventory allocation in order to ensure the most valuable customers were given the best service. It looked really easy to use and, to me, this is where Microsoft excels.

It's great to see that Microsoft are moving away from boring grey-screen ERP solutions and starting to think about improving the user experience. The eagerly-awaited Dynamics NAV 5.1 with it's role-based user interface and the Dynamics Client for Office are other examples of how Microsoft is changing the ERP paradigm.

The future of ERP looks great; but now I need to stop fantasising about new technology and get back to the cold, harsh, reality of warehouse management in Dynamics NAV 4.0. Ho hum.

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  • Hi wonder dog.

    What amazes me most, is how fast this technology has grown. I first was "surface" just over a year ago when it was called the "Fish Bowl", and at that pint it really looked like science fiction. From that it took less than a year to turn it into a real product. This is just unbelievable.

    The most awesome thing though is that what we see now, is just the early stages. The biggest issue is that still we don't know what to do with this technology. The next step, is that the technology will be based on projected images, where a whole conference room will be like  this "surface".

    When I first saw this, I thought that it was like going from a teletype to a full graphical VDU, the surface really is just a minor step towards a new generation of computer interface.

    Actually when I first saw this, I thought I was watching a rerun of the "Lawn Mower Man".

    BTW the deo you saw of reservations, is something else, and that is real usable Navision technology.