Dynamics NAV 5.1 at Convergence 2007 - Review and Comment

There is a download on MIBUSO for the Dynamics NAV 5.1 demo at Convergence 2007. For me this was my first real opportunity to see the new app in action.

The demo takes 51 minutes or so to run after you have downloaded and is well worth a view. If you want to get a quick idea of what the demo contains, you can read a couple of blog posts I wrote giving details of what I saw and my thoughts.

Has anyone actually played with the beta for 5.1? If you have - why not add a comment. I am sure I am not the only one who is really keen to find out anything they can on this topic.

Comment List
  • As mvp's we have a beta copy of 5.1. At first this was so secret that we we not even allowed to tell people that we had it.

    I recently discovered that they anounced it back in April in a global newsletter.

    Everything is very much under NDA but maybe we can try to answer questions.