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You might see this as a blatant plug for our new product ActionThis, but I think a lot of Dynamics implementers will find this tool useful. Why not register for the free trial and find out for yourself?

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Very often on a project implementation you have a project team that exists over two or more organizations. Actions get raised in meetings and assigned to project team members and more often than not the next time people think about those actions is at the next project meeting. ActionThis allows actions to be co-ordinated across company boundaries using e-mail and website interfaces. Follow up reports ensure that the actions get completed. Outlook tasks are OK, but what if the users at the company you are implementing don't use Outlook? Also you have no way of knowing if someone is taking action or not. You can allocate actions to anyone with an e-mail address. The web site application is free and if you use the referral code, you will have one-month's free trial of the Outlook plug-in.

Here is some marketing blurb...

Thousands of people worldwide use manage the tasks small businesses, teams and their partners need to complete to succeed. Delegate tasks from Microsoft Outlook, connect with your team on the ActionThis task management website, track progress and take action with live reports delivered to your email inbox. ActionThis is free to try, and simple to use. Less time following up, more tasks completed, your business is more productive. ActionThis was designed and developed by Intergen in New Zealand and will help you and your team get things done.

How ActionThis helps you get stuff done:
Use Microsoft Outlook to create and assign tasks to yourself, your team, your partners,
Organize and access these tasks from anywhere using Microsoft Outlook or the,
Keep track of progress, projects, and workload with reports emailed to your email inbox,
Keep on top of overdue tasks with live alerts designed to help you take action quickly,
Export and analyze your progress with Microsoft Excel,
Telephone and email support is free.

Try it for free. Sign up for a one month free trial at use this referral code: INT521.

Comment List
  • For some people SharePoint is perfect – and we use it internally.

    SharePoint gets even better with ActionThis. We have a SharePoint WebPart which replaces the SharePoint task list. This means you get premier Outlook support, the ability to delegate to non-SharePoint users, and a single unified task list for SharePoint sites, non-SharePoint projects and personal tasklists.

    Where ActionThis really shines is execution support – the focus not just on building up tasklists but getting them completed.  When you add this on top of the SharePoint collaboration features, it really becomes a winning formula for your projects.

  • We use SharePoint to link all team members together both internally to our company and also clients.

    There are team lists for assignment of tasks with reminders and a central repository of all the project information, documents, contacts lists, discussion forums etc.

    We have used this successfully for a number of projects and with clients and partners in several countries.

    It is web based, secure, Microsoft centric and very easy to use, requires no installation and be accessed by any device with a browser and the great thing - we rent ours for £11 p.m. so don't have any setup or admin headaches.

  • "Free" = Obtainable without payment.

    ;-) - Seriously - no catches.

  • Can you define the word "FREE" ;)

  • There are lots of web-based project management tools like ProjectOffice.  Where ActionThis is different is in two areas:

    Outlook – it brings task management for teams right into your Outlook inbox, the tool that most business people use every day

    Execution – ActionThis focuses not just on planning projects and building up task lists, but helping teams get stuff done

    OK. I'm done with the advertising. It's free to try so why not give it a go? :-D

  • Hi guys,

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    It's online project management tool with gantt chart, task progress, wiki, issue tracking, time management and calendar.

    Try it and let me know what you think,



  • Yup - I know what you mean :-D

    I don't really know of other products that do this kind of thing. Yes I've been using this since the beta releases - I find it really helps me get the job done and the reporting helps me keep track of who is not doing the things they are supposed to do - something you just don't get if you assign action points in meeting minutes!

    But you can try it out yourself for free and make up your own mind. I think there are outlook plugins for 2003 and 2007 or you can just use the web portal.

  • Sounds great. I would just like a tool who could also handle my tasks! ;)

    Have you actually tried this your self? If yes, what's your own thoughts about it, compared to other products?