Action Images Tool

When you want to attach an image to an Action in NAV 2009, you need to pick from one of the standard images and use it to set the Image property. There’s a library with all of the 2009 and 2009 SP1 images on MSDN ( If you don’t know about Action Images, take a look at How to: Set an Image on an Action on MSDN.

There’s a saying that necessity is the mother of invention, and for me that is certainly true. I needed to find an image to use on a new action and it took quite a while to scroll through the list of 310 images, trying to find one that looked vaguely like the action I had created.

I figured it would be good if instead of scrolling through the entire list, I could search in a document of some kind. I started by cutting out each of the images from the MSDN library image and saving as an individual file with a name of the action image property value.

Next I loaded these into an Action Images Media Gallery on this site and attached meta-data tags that would make it easier to search. Below is a screen shot of the Tag Cloud for all 310 images.


Here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say I’ve created an action for adding reminders. I can look through the tags and see there’s an Alarm Bell tag. I click that and see the following images.



So there are 5 to choose from. I think I’d pick the “CreateReminders” that has the alarm and the sparkle. The Tag Cloud in the side bar shows all tags, but I'm struggling to get the view more link at the bottom of the cloud to show all of the tags.

This took a ridiculous amount of time to complete. I hope you find it as useful as I do. Oh and the link to the gallery? Here it is Action Image Tag Cloud.

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