DL: DynamicsWay NavBackup - Navision Backup tool


Now You may schedule Navision database (Database File/Native connection/SQL connection) backup in 5 minutes. Easy-to-use, flexible solution contains next features:

1. Support for SQL Server/Native Server/Database types!
2. Flexible Backup Name generation using predefined constants!
3. Automatic Companies retrieving functionality, which helps reduce mistakes while inputing Company names!
4. All the Navision Backup environment options exists!
5. Supports for 7Zip and ZIP archive formats to reduce backup size up to 90%!
6. Flexible E-Mail notification (On Success/On Error/Both) with log attachment!
7. Log file creation!
8. Not linked to selected Navision environment language!
9. Supports 3.X-5.X Navision versions
10. Easy-to-use interface. Use standard Windows Scheduler!
11. Possibility to run Script/Executable after Backup process (archive/backup arguments support!)
12. NT/Database identification support Latest downloads could be obtained on MiBuSo or http://www.dynamicsway.com website.

Hope to hear comments from You.
For more information visit http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=879 website.
Screenshots: www.dynamicsway.com/Screens.html
With Respect to DynamicsUsers community.

  Igor Beeone

Comment List
  • Are SQL 2000 databases supported ?

  • Hello,

    it's in beta currently. Some features are disabled which are not tested yet. Documentation will be ready till the end of this week. This tool mainly is made for Native/Database versions of Navision.

    1) There are many companies who still work with 3.X... Native server version an they would like use native backuping instead of hotcopy

    2) There are also some addons which are used with native servers (f.e. POS with LS Retail and so on), so it would be good to make normal backup for them also.

    As I know there there is only one commercial tool from ExpandIT which does the same, and I just tried to implement better one. So I hope during this month it will be done :)

    Thanks for Your comment.


    Igor Beeone

  • Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to hear more about this tool.  But what's the advantage over using either the Build In or SQL Servers own tool?

    In regards to backup tools then my main concern is security and that this tool really works when it must work!