Something new about Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1

As I think you know (I’ve posted this on my Linkedin account some days ago) you can now start testing your apps with Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 release (version 16) by creating a new online sandbox targeting the new preview version.

Together with this new preview version, you have also a new AL language version (actually 5.x). When you start a new project with the new AL language extension, you can now target the platform 5.0 release:

When you create the extension, the app.json file targets now version 16 of the Microsoft’s apps:

and symbols are updated accordingly:

New interesting things to say: Microsoft in version 16.x has start working on replacing Options with Enums. On all my trainings I say to start forgot Option fields and this release is a first step on this road. About 125 new enums are in the platform now. Here you can see the new Sales Header table:

The enum is extendible, so you can now add your own new option values:

Another quite mysterious thing (at least to me now when testing my extensions): Sales Price table is actually deprecated and replaced by a new price calculation module:

What about this new module? Welcome to the new Interfaces in AL:

Are you ready to start testing your extensions for the new platform?

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