You can use In-Transit location for transfer orders only Error During Adjust Cost

I have been working on an  upgrade from 2009 to 2016.  The client decided against upgrading to 2017 because MS forgot to write minimum requirements document that Windows 7 was not supported.  Even though NAV 2017 runs fine on Windows 7.


During testing I discovered that while running adjust cost, I was getting the following error


You can use In-Transit location 'Name of Intransit Location' for transfer orders only.


So as usual, I had to use the debugger and and find out which entry it was and it turned out to be Item Ledger entry that was a transfer so the error was in accurate.  Looking at the code in CU 21 the error was checking and make sure the Entry Type and Order type were transfer.

IF ("Entry Type" <> "Entry Type"::Transfer) OR ("Order Type" <> "Order Type"::Transfer) THEN BEGIN

While checking the Value Entries, I noticed that the upgraded data did not have the [Order Type] Populated in Value Entry.


I wrote a sql Script to update the 40 million Value Entries.  It took 2 minutes.  :)


Here is the sql script if you need to update it.  You can write the code in nav as well and skip entries that have order type populated.


Update [YourCompanyName$Value Entry] 
set [Order Type] = (Select [Order Type] from [YourCompanyName$Item Ledger Entry] as ILE  where ILE.[Entry No_] = [YourCompanyName$Value Entry].[Item Ledger Entry No_])


You will need to change The Company Name .